Friday, 16 December 2016

Last day at school

Kia Ora Whanau,

Today is our last day at Hay Park school. It's a sad farewell to our teacher, Mrs Archer and Miss Fortes has been our lovely teacher for 2 years, It's sad to say goodbye because us, year 6 are going to be in intermediate, moving on to our next station. I just want to say a big thank you to all the teachers that I have been with at the past few years, because they have been so helpful and supportive also fantastic to Scott class. I just want to keep the memories in Hay Park School still kept in my mind and in my heart. Here are some photo's from Scott class graduation. You will see me and and all my friends that I have been talking about. Enjoy my last posts at Hay Park School.
Do we look so amazing with our Lovely Teacher

What are you doing Emah

Us enjoying ourselfs

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Trip ti Rotoroa Island

Kia ora blogging  world,

Yester we went off to an Island here is my writing about my trip and we also went with room 8. Hope you can image what we.
Trip to Rotoroa island
On Tuesday morning we went off to an Island, We had to go on a bus to head to the city then we hopped onto a ferry. And head to our island, we all went in the boat and only me and my two best friends sat outside with their mum’s and some other people.

As we started to move I feel my body shaking like it’s an earthquake and I felt the salty water flipping on me, I also smelt the fresh air and with that I smelt the salty water trying to make me feel like i’m going to spew into the water.

As we move I was  really concerned about what we are doing so then I asked and the adults and they said”He is trying to turn the boat so we can go back where we came from”. Suddenly he didn’t make an turn any more and he raced his way to the point and as if I was the water I saw the water coming together like matching couple and their was an cap in the middle, it just looked really cool and nice to see.

After that long minute of sitting outside in the cold weather I felt really cold so then I reached down to crab my bag and opened it so I could get my jumper to put on. It was just a perfect ride to Rotoroa island and it was a brilliant picture whenever you look down.

Feeling the boat moving a lot and the water flipping on me and smelling the salty water, tasting the water whenever I lick my lips taste really yuck. Then it got boring because we only sat there so then I thought I should go and stand where the view will be cooler.

And we stopped and hear what the captain saying and the captain said of you look on your right you will see two boats with flags on it and the flag represent America so that means that boat came from America.

Long ago me(Osana) Lanu Sami and Roman went to stand on the edge of the boat and just feel the wind come by and see that we are nearly there. It was a coo l day and at the end of the day I felt really sleepy and tired.

I just had the perfect day and the coolest day and it was just really fun hanging out with our groups and our adults.

Then we got there and we said our thank you and our goodbye’s to our people that came with us and that works on a island. And we went off to find our bus to head back to school and get picked up from our parents.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Athletics day!

Hello blogging world,

On Monday the 14th of November, some of the Hay Park school seniors went off to Three kings school to have our athletic day, with other schools. They were a lot of events to go to but we had a sticker on your shirt and on the sticker it say's our events to go to and one of our girl(Sami) nearly done the hole event, even the boys events. And we were proud of her and all the teachers and the adults were proud of her big time. One of my event was shot put, me and my buddies came 3rd on shot put and we were proud of our self. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures to show you guys but I hoped that you pictured it in your mind to give you an happier day that we had at athletics day.

Sincerely Osana

Friday, 14 October 2016


Talofalava blogging world,

On Wednesday we had a book launch that was held in Hay Park school. We had illustration people coming over to our school and people that made the story. The story was mostly about animals, the books that we had was the person who wrote all of these six books and his name was John Carr. Each books has different illustration. The book had Scott class was reading was the problem with Sione's spaghetti. We had a lot of cute dogs. Also my highlight on Wednesday was meeting the SPCA dogs. Here is some photo's of Hay Park students reading to dogs and the Kapa Haka group performing.

The Kapa Haka group performing 

Hulita reading to another dog

Peeana reading to Puku the dog

Friday, 23 September 2016


Talofalava blogging world,

Today I have been working on my SPCA tasks Scott class has been doing there as well. I chose to record my story well not my story but the story that we are actually working on. After that I close that tap and I went on book track to add sound effected. Here is mine hope you enjoy give feedback and one more thing I didn't finish all of it because we were in a hurry.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Working with Morris

Kia ora blogging world,

Today we have been working with Morris class to talk to them about chromebooks because next year they are going to be in a digital learning class with devices.My buddy was called Lupe and my other buddy was Lupe and her buddy Tearo.


Kia ora blogging world,

Over the past few weeks Scott class has been creating an ad about healthy eating but Scott class knows that most of the ad well all of the ad persuade you to go and buy their elements but Scott class doesn't do that some of our add is trying to persuade you.We chosen our group and my group had Cicilia, Emah, Sami, Tai, and me(Osana).Here is a video of our advertisement hope you enjoy some parts are funny some aren't enjoy.